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Pictured above is Edward Henry Dickerman, a Civil War veteran who moved to Michigan from Nashua, New Hampshire, as a boy in 1851. With his Mother, Mary (Russell) Dickerman, they began a new life in what was then a wilderness. Enlisting with the Third Michigan Infantry in April of 1861, Edward saw extensive combat until discharged on October 14, 1862. Settling in Tyrone township and later in Fenton, Michigan, he was active in local politics and began compiling portions of the Dickerman Family Genealogy - including information and documentation on his own Great-Grandfather, Samuel Dickerman, listed as one of the 60 or so men to board the British East India Company ships on the 16th of December, 1773, to take part in the famous "Boston Tea Party".

Edward Henry was known to have corresponded with his distant cousin, Edward Dwight Dickerman, of New Haven, Connecticut who authored the "Descendants of Thomas Dickerman". This volume was updated in 1922 by George Sherwood Dickerman, Edward Dwight's brother. With the reprinting the book was renamed "DICKERMAN GENEALOGY" and still remains the largest source of information on the Dickerman surname. "DICKERMAN GENEALOGY" documents as far back as Edward Henry's 6th Great-Grandfather, Thomas Dickerman. Thomas Dickerman was the first Dickerman settler in the New World arriving August 17, 1635 aboard the ship "James" which sailed out of Bristol, England. Thomas and his wife Ellen settled in Dorchester, Massachusetts, with their sons Thomas and Abraham.

Edward Henry Dickerman died in 1913 and is buried in Fenton, Michigan. He was my Great-Great-Grandfather and these pages and data files are my attempt to return the Dickerman Family Genealogy back to the genealogical community through the Internet. Special thanks to my uncle, James Samuel Dickerman, for his many contributions over the years and for his tireless interest in our family tree. These pages are dedicated to Edward Henry Dickerman.

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